Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation

  • More than 1,000 mediations conducted in all civil law topics
  • Arbitration advocate, Arbitrator
  • Negotiated contracts for Interstate transportation, ATC Carriers, equipment, facilities purchase and lease


  • Negotiation & Contract Drafting
  • Simple Goods and Services
  • Commercial/UCC Transactions
  • Engineering & Performance
  • Employment & Non-compete

Employment & Labor Relations

  • Wage & Hour – FLSA
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Union-Management Relations
  • Interest-based Bargaining and Administration of Contracts
  • Contract Negotiation & Execution
  • Automation of mechanical or manual processes to maximize financial benefits and minimize negative effects.

Regulatory & Administrative Matters

  • Economic analysis of labor costs in discrete variable, step-variable and fixed-cost environments.
  • Access to subject-matter experts in a variety of business, military & government environments.
  • Have prepared complex analyses for Government Accountability Office (GAO) and for statutory compliance.

Note: I utilize the Harvard Law School


Disputes in Contracts and Commercial Transactions involving

  • Certificated carriers and contracted transportation
  • Regulated Rates Determination and Cost Attribution with presentation and testimony before Regulatory Agencies
  • Requests for Proposal and Bid Assessments using Rubric Applications for both Employment/Selection and Contract Award.
  • Holder-in-Due Course Residential Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Breach of Contract claims

Employment, Labor Relations and Discrimination

  • Integration of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements with four Collective Bargaining Agreements, including employer defense of employee and union claims, and writing Supervisor manual to explain how to manage scheduling and other responsibilities within this complex regulatory environment.
  • Wrongful Discharge claims subject to Union-Management Collective Bargaining Agreements, Individual Contracts, and those arising in Employment at Will environment.
  • Employment Discrimination claims arising from assertion of disparate treatment or disparate impact.
  • Certification of Unionized Bargaining Units, Negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Cross-craft jurisdictional disputes, Grievance and Arbitration, and implementation of Interest-based Bargaining and Practice.


  • Breach of contract claims arising in multi-million dollar facility leases
  • Engineering design and construction involving issues of substantial compliance with performance requirements on fixed equipment contracts of more than $350 million
  • Residential mortgage foreclosures in Florida, including issues in certification of holder in due course status of the plaintiff Mortgagees (Banks) and bundled notes in various financial instruments
  • Analysis and characterization of impact of Cost-per-Hour increases in employee workhours in a regulated national service with annual labor costs in excess of $40 billion
  • One of three selected to provide Analysis and Report to Government Accounting Office (GAO) about future business model for U.S. Postal Service. Other two were the Brookings Institute and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.
  • Have conducted more than 1,000 mediation or arbitration.


  • U.S. Postal Service

    • National head of Strategic Planning for Operations of USPS
    • Served as senior executive/CEO for USPS in several regional service areas
    • Served as co-lead in the development applications and operation of the national test site in Louisville KY for automated delivery-sequencing of mail; Led development and application of discrete deterministic modeling for staffing and scheduling in support of automation of USPS distribution and delivery, and necessary staffing reductions that resulted from automation.
    • Represented USPS at the White House Operations Center for Year 2000 (Y2K) Millennium Rollover.
    • Legal and Regulatory Matters.