Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation

  • More than 1,000 mediations conducted in all civil law topics
  • Arbitration advocate, Arbitrator
  • Negotiated contracts for Interstate transportation, ATC Carriers, equipment, facilities purchase and lease


  • Negotiation & Contract Drafting
  • Simple Goods and Services
  • Commercial/UCC Transactions
  • Engineering & Performance
  • Employment & Non-compete

Employment & Labor Relations

  • Wage & Hour – FLSA
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Union-Management Relations
  • Interest-based Bargaining and Administration of Contracts
  • Contract Negotiation & Execution
  • Automation of mechanical or manual processes to maximize financial benefits and minimize negative effects.

Regulatory & Administrative Matters

  • Economic analysis of labor costs in discrete variable, step-variable and fixed-cost environments.
  • Access to subject-matter experts in a variety of business, military & government environments.
  • Have prepared complex analyses for Government Accountability Office (GAO) and for statutory compliance.


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