The Professor's One-Minute Guide to Stock Management

If you take just twenty minutes to read the first chapter of this book, you may double what you know about investing in the stock market. If you’re in an airport bookstore right now, you can learn the basics before your flight takes off.

If you take the time to read the rest of the book, you’ll learn a lot more about what stocks to buy or to short, and then when to sell them. You may end up with more knowledge than anyone you know about how to use available technical tools to make investment decisions, and about how decision rules can minimize your risk.

There are many books that discuss the mechanics of investing in stocks. When you’ve read the books on ‘value investing’, ‘demographics analysis’, ‘picking dogs’ or other techniques, you’ll still have to do the work to choose your stocks, and then hope you are making the right choice. The Professor’s approach is different: The Professor’s method explains where to find the work that has already been done, and how to access it at no cost.

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